Everything Is Hard Until It Isn’t – Up For a Challenge?

by | Nov 26, 2019

If you follow along on FB or IG, you know I did Andy Frisela’s #75Hard challenge from August through early November this year. I actually ended on day 80, because I kind of just kept going.

My experience with the #75 hard challenge

I heard somewhere on a podcast that, “Everything is hard until it isn’t.” This would be my big lesson. I completed all the workouts, but I will admit I did not take a selfie everyday. To me, that was just silly. I drank 3-3.5 liters of water daily. For the diet portion, I went gluten free for my digestive and inflammation issues. I had to cut out alcohol. I read at least 10 pages a day and made it through five books. I listened to two books and tons of podcasts. Some of these things were hard until they weren’t. They just became a part of my day.75 Hard Challenge

The two things that I’m most proud of were the diet and the daily exercise. It was not easy to get outside for at least 45 minutes a day. I either rowed on the driveway, did yard work, walked, or jogged. I did Crossfit, ROMWOD, or weightlifting for my indoor daily workouts. To me, this was the mental toughness win. Twenty days later, I find myself agitated if I don’t get some movement in.

I did lose weight – around 8 pounds and 1.5 inches, but that wasn’t my goal. After being in this game for a while now, weight is just a quantitative measurement of gravity to me. How I feel, how my clothes fit, and how much energy I have matter more.

Now, time for some new habits!

Am I going to continue? Yes, but with some new targets. My next challenge will be a 1 hour workout each day with some portion outside – I have taken to walking the dogs and will continue that for sure – gluten free, reading 10 pages, throwing away or donating 15 things, 3.5 liters of water, and 10 minutes of vision and gratitude are on the plan.

Why the throwing away 15 things? If your life is full of clutter, this is a great practice. Start on one side of the house or with a bad area of accumulation and get to it daily. It literally takes 10 minutes to throw away or donate 15 items. Sometimes, when you get rid of the clutter in your surroundings, your mind is less cluttered. It is not like I’m a hoarder, but I need some de-stuffing of my surroundings.

Would I recommend the full 75 Hard for everyone? No. I have some clients whom I have challenged to come up with their own daily goals. Things that will improve their lives and make them more resilient. Taking a selfie doesn’t do any of that for me, but some people find motivation there. I’ve always been someone who could take on a challenge, so for me, this whole deal wasn’t as life changing as it has been for some of my friends. Unless you are ready for some massive change, start smaller and move up. Andy’s theory is to go all in, super hard to change your life, but that can lead to other issues if you set yourself up for failure and disappointment with your performance. You do you.

Are YOU up for a challenge?

Want to give it a go? Listen to his podcast, and let me know if I can help set up some daily targets that fit your life. Content warning – he is not safe for family or work with the language.

PS – Here are the books I finished:

  • The Gifts of Imperfection – Brené Brown – I have read this book three times now! I read it again in one weekend because I needed the reminder that what other people think of me is their problem.
  • Free to Focus – Michael Hyatt – Great for getting me focused on what needs to be done and letting go of the rest. Good time-management strategies.
  • Good to Great – Jim Collins – I’ve had this forever and finally read it. Interesting look at what makes businesses great. Uh oh, I don’t think Circuit City is still that great.
  • Everything is Figureoutable – Marie Forleo – Everything is truly figureoutable. So, how not to freak out and just get sh!it done.
  • 10x Rule – Grant Cardone – Rah, rah, Grant!
  • Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill – OK, I listened to this one. Interesting since it is such an old school book. Now I know where “Masterminds” come from.
  • Better than Before – Gretchen Rubin – Looking to improve your habits based on your personality, this is the book for you. Thanks to Rachelle for getting me this one!

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