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If you are deciding whether Courtney’s programs are right for you, you have to decide what quality of life you want. I was tired of feeling sick to my stomach, but I had given up on finding a solution until I started working with Courtney. I appreciate Courtney’s willingness to listen and her knowledge of a wide variety of health and performance topics, especially since I’m a high-level athlete. Since working with Courtney, I’ve noticed that my digestion is much better, I no longer have daily achiness in my gut, and I have much more energy. With Courtney’s help, I have maintained my weight in my chosen competition weight class for Olympic weightlifting. In contrast with some of the other coaches I have worked with, Courtney listens and connects the dots between my history, labs, and stressors. She believes me when I say that a certain symptom seems connected to something else. She has been patient with me when I hesitated to try certain different macros or supplements, even when the tests and functional labs and my mental state and energy levels supported these changes. She is systematic and patient in recommending the changes, so I am comfortable with the process, and we know whether something is working for me.

— Jennifer P.

My outlook on nutrition has profoundly changed since I started working with Courtney. Feeding myself consistently has improved everything – my stamina, my energy, my emotional capacity.

I’m surprised by the amount of food that I can eat now compared to the old program I was on. I believed that losing weight meant major sacrifice, restriction, and this huge amount of willpower.

Courtney worked with me not just on the food, but my relationship with food and addressing the emotions around it. With her help and support, I’ve broken through some expectations that I didn’t think I could before. We have crushed a lot of stories and beliefs that I had.

I previously had some unhealthy eating patterns that I didn’t even admit to her at first. I had been eating in the middle of the night probably because I was on a restrictive plan for years prior. I was deprived because I was always hungry, so I got up in the night and ate. I consistently ate in the middle of the night more times than I didn’t over 15 years. When I started working with Courtney and eating more, it tapered off. I know now, stresses or my body being deprived is what triggers it.

I would recommend this type of coaching because being educated on what actually fuels your body and tracking it can make a difference. Not just in athletic performance but being able to handle all the things that life directs at you – I have increased my capacity in all areas of my life. When I hit a roadblock, we figure it out and move through it.

— Rachelle

The changes I have noticed most since working with Courtney include having more energy and fewer stomach issues. I am more active and can work out 3-4 times a week now. She helped me determine what foods were causing me health issues, improving my overall health and decreasing my stomach issues and headaches. I felt comfortable sharing and that she listened to me. She helped me determine proper supplementation to help improve my underlying issues rather than masking their symptoms with medication. The weekly group meetings are informational and motivating. The one-on-one meetings are very helpful in discussing what is happening with my health, family, and personal life. Stress and other emotions can affect my body, and I’m better prepared to deal with it now that I know the connections. Don’t be afraid to give the program a try. You will benefit from the experience and learn how to improve your health by making minor lifestyle and diet changes based on your individual needs.

— Tammy M.

BearPal Nutrition & Menopause Macros

 I’m in my mid-50s and menopausal, so if you are a female, I have been where you are or where you are heading. I know how difficult it can be balancing your physical and health goals with career, family, and other demands. My perspective gives me a unique ability to relate to the gals moving through life’s stages. I have struggled with hypothyroidism for the last 11 years. If you have been diagnosed with any autoimmune issue, just know there is hope when things can get complicated in midlife. Proper nutrition, movement, stress reduction, sleep, and functional medicine have changed my life.

I have been a CrossFitter for 12+ years. I have gone through the competitive bug, the burnout, and now I enjoy a more balanced workout schedule. We can work to get you stronger, be a firebreather, or just look better naked. We tailor your activity to what you are ready for and enjoy by working within your physical capabilities and preferences.

Whether you are concerned with performance, aesthetics or longevity (PAL in BearPAL), we assess where you are and work on the underlying stressors that are holding you back such as diet, rest, sleep, movement, and stress. Macro counting isn't for everyone, so we offer other options.

BearPal Nutrition

What sets my coaching apart from others is a template program is the focus on education and communication. We start with your current comfort level and provide educational opportunities tailored to you. We want you to learn from the process. We want you to know why you are doing what you are doing. You will have access through text and email. We will have a periodic review of your progress depending on your coaching level where we look at your food intake, biofeedback, and measurements, and then we discuss any adjustments necessary to help you crush your goals.

This is ultimately your journey, and I am here to help you along the way!

BearPal Nutrition

Educational Programs

Nutrition and Lifestyle Basics Course is available on demand and is focused on the functional fitness enthusiast. Check out the free Nutrition Basics & Healthy Habits guide too.

1:1 Coaching Program

Need help figuring out your macros and improving your stress, sleep, mindset and lifestyle? In my coaching program, you get the 12-weeks of educational content and Zoom or phone check-ins every 7-14 days for a deeper dive into your goals and metrics with month-to-month packages.

Health Coaching Packages

Here we use functional labs and targeted coaching calls to to stop guessing and restore the balance your body craves with personalized tools to help you age strong, healthy, and gracefully. Packages vary from 3 to 6 months.

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