Is Stress Derailing Your Results?

by | Aug 23, 2018

Is stress your excuse for not taking care of yourself?

I’m hearing this a lot from clients and friends.

“I went off plan because <<stressor>>.”

“I didn’t have time to enter my food this week because <<stressor excuse>>.

“I don’t have time to <<stress reducer>> because of <<stressor excuse>>.”

“I’ll start <<healthy priority>> when I get through <<stressor>>.”

“<<Person/Job>> needs me. I don’t have time to take care of myself.”

How’s that working out for you?

I used to be proud of how little I took care of myself.

Always working, always family, always house/yard, always working out.

As little sleep as possible.

I wore the work and lack of sleep like a badge of honor.

Being there always for bosses and people who didn’t give a shit was my drug.

Always trying to do more for more.

I blew out my HPA axis, trashed my metabolism and gut, and gave myself hypothyroidism.

I crashed. My excuses didn’t hold water when I started examining them.

I got a coach who showed me it isn’t just about the food. I addressed my mindset, stress, hormones and food.

Changes were slow, but when I started de-stressing my life, things got better.

Stress is not gone, just dealt with. I face it down.

How I do it? Reading books, meditation app, less stressful workouts, realizing I cannot control things out of my control (Stoicism), more family fun, less f*cks to give, not being so hard on myself.

Need help figuring it out? Find a coach.

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