Salad and Veggies Made Easy

by | Nov 30, 2018

salad and veggies
Lots of options!

Are you having trouble getting veggies in your life?⁣ No problem! Keep reading for my tried and true method for making sure I get plenty of veggies every single day.

Precut and packaged salad mixes and veggies can save you when you are in a pinch or if you would rather avoid the time and energy to prep your own. They come at a cost, so if you want to pay for the convenience, go for it.⁣

There are so many choices out there now. I found these at Safeway. ⁣

Until recently, most salad mixes came with some sort of dressing and topping. I tossed the dressing and gave the kids the toppings as “trail mix.” ⁣

Now, there are options for noodle-replacing veggies, salad mixes without the dressing and toppings, and “bowls” with great macros to which you can add some rotisserie chicken or some other protein—a much better option than a microwave frozen entrée.⁣ ⁣

I gave up packaged salad and now make a knockoff of my favorite salad blends at home. See Asian Salad Mix. I use it for multiple meals, and it is much more cost-effective. It takes about 45 minutes to prep every week and a half or so. ⁣

I have a hand spiralizer and a fancier rotating one for veggie noodles. Spiralizing zucchini instead of slicing before sautéing is a favorite. Save some $$ and try it.⁣ There’s no excuse for not having enough salad and veggies in your daily meal plan!

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