Not a morning person? Fine, but right now, you may want to at least get control of your day from the get go. Enter morning routines! Should you even have a morning routine? It depends. If photos on IG of the fresh-faced gal with their mug of steamy coffee journaling in their jammies in a quiet corner of their home with sunlight streaming in causes you stress, then you need to start slow. ⁠And with everything going on now you may be sharing your space with kids, dogs, or partners and there may not be a quiet space or even time for that scenario.

So, what can you do? ⁠

Easy, find something that works for you that gets your day going and do it EVERY DAMN DAY. Mine includes coffee, day planner, weigh myself, glass of water, and 30 minutes either outside or at a window getting my light diet going. That is it. The key is planning your day which provides a sense of control in the chaos. ⁠

So how do you decide what your routine looks like? Think about what you have habitualized already and add to that. If your old routing has been turned upside down, refine or start a new one to get control. ⁠

Don’t be too hard on yourself at the end of the day when you didn’t knock of the 37 things you planned for the day. Keep a master list and pull a few things off of it and if you get 3 to 5 done – pat yourself on the back. If you are avoiding something, keep it at the top of the list and get it gone. ⁠

Break things down into manageable chunks if needed. “Start a business” is not a manageable goal, but “Spend 30 minutes brainstorming business ideas,” is. That’s how you get control of your day and keep moving forward. ⁠

You cannot focus on planning for a future we may not be quite sure of right now, but you can focus on the day in front of you. ⁠

Planning your day is the first of the eight daily activities in the free Corona Crew Challenge which will remain live until we get on the other side of this thing!