Do you feel like you have no control right now? Hopeful one minute and terrified the next? You are not alone. ⁠I waffle between peace and panic on a dime right now. ⁠

Here are some simple things to do to keep your sanity and keep in control. It may be hard to stick to an eating plan right now, but that is no excuse to throw your good habits out the window. You need to support your immune system (and physical health) and mental health now more than ever.

Here is a simple framework to follow daily in these crazy times that will help you regain control, maintain your sanity, and stay healthy. ⁠

I’m covering these over on social media, but I will post summaries here as well. We will get through this.

Best advice – keep a routine. They say the best time to create new habits is when your normalcy is disrupted. This probably qualifies for most of us. There is very little normal in anyone’s life right now.

I will keep the free Corona Crew Challenge up and running throughout this as well. Eight daily practices and habits to keep your sanity and have you coming out of this stronger!