The Red Queen & Menopause Weight Loss

by | Sep 6, 2023

The Queen

Menopause weight gain and loss can be a mystery. The paradox of the curse of the Red Queen states that “What worked yesterday is unlikely to work today!” When we reach midlife and perimenopause and menopause kick in, so does her curse. What historically worked for you to lose weight, gain strength, sleep soundly, etc. may not work anymore. You can try, but the frustration will mount as the Queen changes the rules of the game on you. You make some progress, and then stall, you try something else, you make some headway, then that doesn’t work.

Why doesn’t this work for me?!

I have suffered through her wrath. What worked for me to lose weight after babies didn’t help at all during perimenopause, and what worked during peri- doesn’t work now that I’m in menopause. Why is this? For one, we are passing through a phase of life where things are changing for us not only physically, but often emotionally, financially, work-wise, family-wise, etc. Not only do things we did no longer work, but what works for others at this stage may not work for us either. Menopause weight loss doesn’t just depend on your nutrition either. As you pass through different phases of your life, you need to adapt to optimize your lifestyle as well. Perimenopause and menopause are no different.

What can I do about it?

Accept it. Embrace it. Know that you are not alone. We are all different. Our lives are not static. That is what makes life interesting. You have to find what works for you, accept the crazy, don’t fret over things you cannot change or control, and live that hyped “best life!” You need to dig deep to decide how you want that life to look, pick a direction, do the work, change course if the Queen shows up, and repeat.

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